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  Wednesday, 11.4.09

the other day i found myself wondering...

what would life be like if every time we met someone we hugged instead of shook hands?

what if every time we said 'hi' to someone it was always followed with a genuine compliment?

in many ways i try to live my life this way,,, but what if we all did naturally, daily? as i grow older, every year i find it amazing how much more aware i am of my surroundings & the importance of appreciating the goodness in all that you have in your life, along with all the people you encounter. i whole-heartedly believe that every person we cross paths with is for a reason.

with that said,,, you never know how the smallest thing you do or say can make the biggest difference in someone's day, life, world. as Gandhi once said, and a quote i love so much,,, "be the change you wish to see in the world." best part about this? it is never too late to start.

this morning i was greeted with the sa-weeeeeetest email from the awesome Lindsey Rietscha of Wed Michigan and the lovely Lila Designs! you might also remember Lindsey from a previous blog post. today she was so kind to blog about my upcoming art show benefiting ADOPT MORE & i was just blown away with her words and thoughtfulness. thank you again Lindsey! i hope you know how much i appreciate you & your BIG heart!

to see the post, just click HERE!

as for appreciating the small stuff, below are a few snapshots taken with my iphone, mostly on some of my daily walks with my precious Jonsie. somehow it is already November (seriously, how did that happen?!!!)... & i am trying my best to soak in what we have left of our glorious Michigan autumn season.

wishing you all a happy, fall-kissed "wednesday's whimsy"!

peace, love & happiness,

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