faith : february self portrait

  Wednesday, 3.9.11

lately i have been thinking.

far too much.

in the midst of all this, somehow february came & went. truly, it felt as if i barely snapped my fingers.

so i have been thinking. i don't want my months, days, years to feel like a 'snap'. but how do we overcome the hustle & bustle? ...really?

how do we be in the NOW? will this be a life-long goal? one that i will fall off the ladder far too many times & have to want to climb yet again? and again?

i've also been thinking about the word f a i t h.


been thinking lots about love & the rarity of true selfless love. why is this so? just yesterday i found myself crying looking through photos & reading the stories of animals at that need to be adopted, looking for their forever home. the thought that kept ringing through my head is "i want to do it all,,, but i just don't. know. how."

with a good deep breath, i reassured myself that doing "it all" all begins with a single step in one direction. a movement. a want. a desire.

{and boyyyyyyyy, have i been step.step.stepping lately. more than ever!}

we all can pick up a camera & snap a picture,,, correct? in a way, our minds are like cameras, taking photos minutely and processing them internally. how we choose to process our own daily 'photographs' is entirely up to us.

so now the question really is
what is it that guides us???

what is it that allows you to trust. to believe. to continually let go of fear & F L Y???

introducing february's self portrait.
i call it :

light sight '

because the truth is, without my faith,
i have no
internal desire & WANT to do more than i ever imagined myself doing.

without my faith, my eyes are covered & photos captured are empty.

don't we all deserve to have a little faith in ourselves?
i say we start TODAY.

in fact,,,
i say we start

with great heart & gratitude...

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