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  Thursday, 1.21.10

i can pretty much guarantee that after you are finished looking through this post below, you will not be able to stop yourself from smiling. Erin & Bryan naturally, and quite beautifully, have this joyous effect on everyone -- from their bigger than life smiles, to their zest for life, to their unconditional love -- it is no wonder to me that the Universe joined these two bright lights.

i first met both Erin & Bryan when i documented her sister Allison & brother-in-law Matt's wedding in 2008 (to see that post, click here!). i will never forget when i received one of the MOST cheery & thoughtful emails from Erin after Allison & Matt's wedding. my heart was already deeply touched from the connection with Allison & Matt,,, so this extra step of kindness & gratitude just blew me away. this, however, i quickly grew to know was just Erin, being Erin -- a true kindred spirit filled with a most optimistic outlook on life.

in the midst of our many emails that followed, Erin spoke --- ahem,,, gushed... about Bryan all throughout. without ever having a conversation with Bryan, i already felt like i knew him. when the day came that Erin called me to tell me 'something' important,,, i literally screamed in excitement! i could hear her smiling through the phone line, as was i. my heart couldn't have been happier.

Erin & Bryan were married in the awe!some city of Chicago (or as i used to call as a kid "Chikakago" ). the day began with the ladies getting dolled up at the great Crowne Plaza Hotel. next, their heartfelt ceremony took place at the First United Methodist Church at the Chicago Temple. after, we ventured around the city for some photo fun & ended at the gorgeous Prairie Production for a night filled with great laughter, toasts, eats, dancing & grand celebration by all.

below are a 'few' top faves, however be sure to check out the slide show for even more at the end of this post!

Erin & Bryan!!! as i have expressed many times before, i feel the luckiest to know you and your families. being in Chicago that weekend felt like being part of the fam -- thank you again for your incredible warmth & hospitality. both Danielle & i couldn't stop talking about how ah!mazing everything was & how much we adore you all. i wish you both a lifetime FILLED with the laughter & joy i witnessed and captured that day... when going through your images, i am reminded once again of the power & incredible beauty of the one thing that matters most in this world -- Love. ....and now i get to show you a bit of what your love looks like! hope you enjoy!! with great heart, love & gratitude, always, ksen

Erin is also the incredible talent behind her company,Pulp and Honey (featured in a previous post, as well!),,, therefore the mastermind behind all the brilliant details below :

the day was extraordinary :

her dress. was. stunning :

and the bling! oh the bling...

Jenny from Scarlet Petal did a fabulous job :

the creative designer behind their pretty hair flowers is the talented Nichole Brown (Coie is her company & you can also check our her etsy shop for more work!) :

more of the lovely details...

Bryan's ring :

laughter was a constant that day :

oh Erin,,, you are such a beauty!

the brilliant make-up artist that day was my dear friend Rommy. he will not only ROCK your make-up look....

...but also bring such great energy & laughter with him! i *heart* this image :

yes. getting dressed really can be THIS fun!!

Erin was given gifts from Bryan, as well as her Mother & sister. what i love most about this image is that there is so much going on. it is real, vibrant & full of heart... as simple as it 'may' be :

Erin,,, you . are . GORGEOUS!!!

to the church we go!

Bryan was all smiles as well that day :

...and looking quite dapper himself :

sealed with a smooooch & smiles :

it's official!!!

and just a little bit of newlywed time...

i love this mini series of Erin with her fam :

the bridal party was a BLAST :

the new mr. & mrs.!!!

while Erin was getting bustled, i couldn't help but notice her up-do. so graceful & romantic :

Erin's wonderFULL parents :

... in the limo bus :

love is :


the ladies :

the gents! :

at Prairie Productions :

one of my top faves :

this image is how it actually looked that evening. no 'color' or texture was added. i it :

the Mc's :

can someone say yummm!?! yes please!

oh the details!!! Erin is truly such a talent :

... you know i LOVED this wall!

their 'sa-weeet' cake was created by Tipsy Cake in Chicago :

i absolutely love it when a client becomes a friend,,, & i feel so lucky to be able to say this about the radiant Allison & Matt :

love. everything. about. this :

their first dance as husband & wife...

father.daughter dance :

mother.son dance :

...and the dancing continued thanks to their awesome guests & great dj Mark Rankin of DJ Chicago!

last, but not least... a few late-night romancy pics :

***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slide show & see even more photographs from their special day.

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