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Katrina & Adam are getting married July 11th, 2009! back in August i had the pleasure of shooting their engagement session at Adam's family's cottage up north in Linwood, Michigan. their beautiful cottage, which was named 'Marwilla' after grandpa William & grandma Marjoire Trahan and their first daughter Laurie, has been in the Trahan family for 63 years, filling it with many unforgettable memories -- one in particular was Adam's proposal to Katrina .... so it was only appropriate for us to do their engagement session there!

it was a perfect sunny, summer day & we had a blast lounging around the many great spots of the cottage. i absolutely fell in love with the decor & (as you will see below) easily understood why this place is one of their (& their families) favorite spots! make sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post if you want to see even more pics.

also, a little side note... Adam is part of an AWESOME band, Fifth Way... & they are playing at the Magic Bag this October 24th. i am such a fan of live music & from what i have heard of their music, i know they would be a rocktastic show! unfortunately, because of the busy season & my weekends being so booked up i haven't been able to see them live yet.... but i most definitely will soon! i love how passionate they are & had to give them a shout out on the blog because they truly are quite a talented group.

Katrina & Adam! finally, i get to share with you your sneak peek -- working on these has left a perma-smile on my face & i hope they do the same for you both! i cannot tell you enough how happy i am to know you & to be working with such an awesome, fun-loving, radtastic couple. knowing what a great time i always have with you both, i know the wedding day is going to be nothing short of extraordinary!

below... Adam, Katrina & their cutie-patootie dog Lola just chillin' :

i LOVE, love the quotes & sayings that you will find throughout the cottage -- such a wonderful personal touch :

a bit of a more unique family portrait :

the day was glorious :

Lola didn't want to be left out!

i love the movement & happy feeling in this image :

i jokingly mentioned that i thought Katrina should hop onto Adam's shoulder's & kick her legs out... not knowing she could actually do it! talk about brave, too... the fall behind her would of been a big one! she rocks :

could they be any cuter?!!!


yes, i know... talk about a striking pair!!!

i am telling you, Katrina is uber talented!

we switched gears for the last half of the esession to show a little bit of a different side of their personalities! as i mentioned earlier, Adam is part of an awesomtastic band, Fifth Way ... so it seemed appropriate to surround them with these great old records :

and i just looove the series below :

one of my top faves:

another one of my top faves :

their eyes are real -- i didn't add any color or fancy pigment (nor do i ever!)... but seriously, such a neat combo together, too :

there is just something about this one that i *heart* so much... their expressions are perfect :

the happy & so-way-stinkin'-cute fam!

love this :

the quotes above them are all the different memories that have happened throughout the years at the cottage :

as i was leaving, i noticed the framed picture & come to find out, their cottage used to be a train station! how neat is that?

... so we had to end on this note!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see even more photographs from their esession! the song that i chose i deemed appropriate with everything that we talked about that afternoon & all the great memories made at Marwilla. hope you enjoy. ****
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