Thursday, 7.17.08

& finally... part two of the Alaskan adventure for Megan & Ryan's wedding!!! below are just a few more images from day one at Alaska, followed by a bunch from their awesome rehearsal dinner at Chinooks.

also, there is also a slideshow in case you care to see even more images at the end of this post!

Megan & Ryan's wedding post will be next! yay!!!

first up, greetings from the gorgeous Seward Windsong Lodge :

when we went for a walk earlier that day, Will (Megan's brother-in-law) put this together -- isn't it sweet?!

Chinooks Waterfront is where the rehearsal dinner took place that night! this place was awesome with great food & such a great view :

some little things that caught my eye there :

Megan was looking beautiful & happy as ever (& as always!) :

together, Megan & Ryan sure do compliment each other, don't they? and, seriously... how cute are they?!!!

Ryan's niece, Daryian :

...and his nephew, Slade :

some terrific toasts were given :

Megan even surprised Ryan with his own 'moose groom's cake'!!!

Em, Megan's sister & maid of honor, gave a lovely & funny toast...

...that had everyone, including her husband Will, laughing out loud!

a moment between the sisters :

and lastly, you couldn't help but to constantly want to look outside. the view was truly incredible :

everywhere you turned there was something breathtaking to be discovered :

...and the sun setting at around 11:25pm that night wasn't so bad either!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view the slideshow & see more photographs. ***
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