hellooooooooo Punta Cana!

  Sunday, 10.7.12

FIRST,,, just a little note to let you know that

i will be out of office until Monday, October 22nd, documenting for the AH!MAZING Ciao Andiamo in Italy once again! CANNOT WAIT to share all that is to come! to see previous posts from documentary work with Ciao Andiamo,

in the meantime,
please contact my wonderFULL office assistant, Angela, for any pressing matters!
to email her, simply click here!

SECOND,,, while away on our honeymoon i wrote many 'journal/blog' entries & will be sharing them with you throughout the next couple weeks. without further ado...

september 12th, 2012

hellooooooo Punta Cana!

oh my, are you gorgeous or what? i am blown away by your beauty & truly in disbelief that i am actually here. right now. with my HUSBAND!!! crazyness!

we arrived around 3:00pm on September 11th, greeted with a fresh scented warm hand cloth & probably the best glass of champagne i have ever had. we were then somehow upgraded to the presidential suite... which is filled with two whirlpool tubs, two full baths, two tv's, two rooms, a king size bed, a eating & lounging area, as well as a full outside oceanfront patio --- can someone say WHAT??? alongside with another God is good! unbelievable how blessed we feel.

in fact, so much so that i am still a little bit in shock. we literally went to bed yesterday at 4:00pm & slept until 7:00am this morning (yes, literally). needless to say, we were a wee bit exhausted from all the recent events & travel.

today has already been filled with delicious food, exploring along the beach & resort, conversing with the natives, and some good dips in the pool. currently, we are taking a little siesta, Adele is on shuffle & here I am, typing away. .

a few things i already don't want to forget:

- the butterfly that cut us off & followed us along our first walk on the beach,,, & all the butterflies we have seen along our path since then.

- the chocolate cake we ordered to 'test out' our room service that was off-the-chain AMAZING & no more than two seconds after we muttered out that we wish we had ordered two of them, someone knocked on our door & it was room service with ANOTHER piece of chocolate cake!!! an 'accidental' miscommunication on their end.

- the way the ocean is a layered mesh of blues & turquoise -- almost like a slice of the most decadent Caribbean cake, if such a cake existed.

...the way that ring looks on my husband's finger! he is the handsomest.

...and sweet early morning sunrises!

plenty more from our honeymoon yet to come!
happy sunday,

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