a year ago

  Sunday, 9.8.13

a year ago today,

we said " i do " & you sang " i do ".

a year ago today,
it was literally the best day ever!

i posted this photo on instagram today,,,
but i needed to say just a bit more.

how do i even begin to sum up this year?

how do i explain the essence of our relationship,
or all that God has done & continues to do in our lives together?

...how wonderful it is to have someone i can always lean on,,, and sometimes even fall asleep on?

or how Friday night is actually the perfect time to go grocery shopping or just cuddle & watch a rerun of The Wonder Years?

or how your hand is my favorite one to hold, whether on a walk with the pups, to the store, to coffee... wherever, whenever?

or how hearing you love on our animals makes me think you are even more handsome then the day before (which i didn't think could even be possible)?

or how you always have time to talk & really listen?

or how much it warms my heart to hear you trying to learn your newest song fixation on the guitar or piano just because?

or how our "date nights", although a sweet idea, always seem happiest when we return home to cuddle with our pups & each other.

or how our millionth kiss, somehow in it's own special way seems just as sweet as our very first.

how do i explain all the little & big things that we have already experienced,
& how whether good or bad, all look good when i know i get to go through them with you?

how do i explain that although we only have a year under our belt, we know marriage is hard work,
but it is the toughest MOST rewarding 'job' you will ever have the pleasure of pursuing.

how do i even begin to count all our blessings, together?

how do i even do justice to the idea of two souls becoming ONE?

all i know is that love is a beautiful, beautyFULL thing.
it is a rare thing.
it is precious.
it is true.
and LOVE takes work,
and time...
a L I F E T I M E to be exact.

...i sure am the luckiest to be able to spend it intertwined with you.

(above photo credit to the sweet Amelia Lyon Photography )

happy 1st anniversary my love!
i love you.
all my love always,

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