simple session : max & nora

  Monday, 11.19.12

it's Monday... & what better way to start off the week with some gorgeous smiles of a beautiful family?! i had a BLAST doing this simple session... & it was especially sweet because Kally & i actually went to high school together, too! love it when life comes full circle like that.

below are some of my faves from their simple session... & please note : we are still no longer offering simple sessions -- this session was booked in advance before the announcement was made.

hope they put a smile on your heart as they have on mine!

are they cute or what?!!!

& of course we musn't forget another important part of their family -- miss Gracie!!!

Max & Nora
... who are twins, if you haven't guessed already


swinging + smiles = happiness

you know, the usual... just having fun with Mom & Dad!

a top favorite, hands down

there is just something about these two portraits that i LOVE so so much

the Harris's !

& nothing like a little stroll to end a nice morning!


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