simple session : e'lisa, chris & lucy

  Monday, 7.30.12

happpppppppppppy Monday! you may remember E'Lisa & Chris from this previous post or this post. well, since then their family has grown with the addition of their beautyFULL baby girl Lucy Lavender Grace!

below is a their first simple session as a family!!! it is always such an honor to document love, laughter, people & LIFE... but i feel especially honored since E'lisa & Chris are also the uber talented photographers of E.C. Campbell Photography. & on another talented note, E'lisa's make-up for this sesh was done by the awesome Lisa Riggs!

without further ado,,, please meet the lovely E'lisa, Chris & Lucy!

they like to give & get kisses

& sometimes can't help but chew on stuff!
('The Beatles' are especially delicious )

...and dance with Mom & Dad

& laugh. A LOT.

and look all sweet together

Lucy in particular is multi-talented

& she REALLY loves her Goodnight Moon book

in general, they all just love hanging together

seriously such a SWEET PEA!


love is : smiles in the air on a sunny day

i mean, seriously, could they all be any cuter?!!

{HEART} these smiley faces. {HEART} you guys!

x to the o

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