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  Thursday, 5.3.12

hey! Excited for my first ever post on this blog! Introducing Elijah's simple session.

Elijah is the son of Jessica & RJ... whom Ksen happened to photograph their wedding day & engagment session... and also happen to be my dear friends.

Jessica, RJ & Elijah... I am so excited for the start of your new adventure as a family. I have watched you both grow more and more in love with each other from the start of your relationship. It is so great to see Jessica in pure bliss of being a mom & RJ building a great relationship at such a young age with Eli. I had so much fun capturing these moments and seeing the overall essence of a beautiful family. I can't get enough of the joy you have for Elijah & each other. Love you guys! abbey

i absolutely adore his smile!

love his expression here

there is something about baby feet that make me smile!!

Eli is very intuitive already! heart these moments!

to me the beauty of this photo is amazing! this shows the calmness of a great mother

what a gorgeous family!!

mom 'elijah'

the old and new, priceless!


I am so proud of Jessica and her crafty skills. love the "E"!

the bond between father and son!

there is something about a baby sleeping in his mother's arms!!!

Elijah's first football! grandpa will be proud.

the perfect end to a great morning!

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