life really IS good

  Thursday, 5.12.11

so the other day i stumbled upon something new & i thought i should share!
i'm sure that you all know about the
life is good
collection of fun & inspiring things, right?
life is good has such simplicity to its concept, yet such depth in what it means to each of us.

if you don't already know the story of how the company got started & what they are all about, you should check it out!!!

& in addition to all that fun stuff... here is a link to read about how life is good to others.

take a moment for yourself & read something.
the stories are real & really touching
i found myself getting chills, giggling, & tearing up while reading some of the posts.
it really is "fuel" for the soul
& it really is good

it got me really thinking....what's my life is good tale?

i feel like there are SOOOOOO many things i can be grateful for & moments i am lucky i to have been in...
actually, my life is good moment is happening right now

what about yours???
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