.diggin' detroit.

  Wednesday, 6.29.11

with summer wrapped around us like a toasty beach blanket i thought i would share a MAGICAL guide i like to use when looking for

and fresh air

DIG DOWNTOWN DETROIT is a crazy cool interactive website that breaks the city down into its districts ...

.eastern market.
.new center.

once you check out that d e t r o i t site, click on a district , and you can discover great places to eat, weekly entertainment, and attractions that are available !!!

currently i am diggin' the .new center. area there is an open air stage at new center park where you can listen to music on green grass amongst detroit buildings and open sky! i highly recommend checking it out !!

another thing i dig is the fact that detroit is in my backyard! i have access to an amazing city ... if you take the time, you can find some pretty amazing things where you might not have expected!!!

below are some pictures i captured on a detroit day while cruisin' with my main SQUEEZE

happy discovery
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