new adventures

  Wednesday, 1.19.11

27 years of adventure and travel,

27 years of service

now, a NEW adventure is about to began...

my dad is extraordinary. a man who makes people laugh, ensures everyone is taken care of, would give you the shirt off his back, and help you in times of need with no questions asked

27 years ago my dad started out as an Airman in the United States Air Force, and this weekend he is starting out on a new adventure...

.Retirement .

to my dad, may new adventures fill your dreams , may those dreams come true for you and mom, and may they be filled with all the


love ,

and happiness

you gave us growing up as Air Force kids

integrity first
service before self
excellence in all we do
- U.S Air Force Core Values

to all the service men and women, the military wives, husbands, and kids, to the parents of those serving, to all of you who have been and are on great adventures...

here is to
.your courage.
.your selflessness.
.your heart.
.thank you.

...below are some images i recently captured while on an unforgettable family trip to Washington D.C....

i hope this finds you smiling and inspired by the courageous service of these men and women...
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