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  Thursday, 12.9.10

with the holiday season wrapped around us like a VERY warm cozy blanket I thought it was appropriate to talk
shopping strategy .

around the holidays i think it is normal to reflect on all the goodness in your life, and in turn seek out opportunities in which you can give back some goodness.
i know it can be difficult taking time out of our busy lives to volunteer etc., but i do know that most of us will be squeezing in some shopping time here & there.
whether your shopping be online or in the store, a fun experience or a dreaded task, there is still a chance for all of us to give back that goodness while doing one of the most popular past times of December... shopping!

so why not...

my top reasons to shop locally
1. it feels good helping out your neighbors
2. it helps you re-discover the place in which you live (make it a shopping adventure)
3. by supporting local businesses your community can reap larger benefits that continue all year long
4. ummm it's super FUN!
5. with business booming on your local "main street" your community can LIVE, and the uniqueness that you love about your home can only become stronger and more vibrant!!
6. did i say it was fun???!
8. if like me, you love giving unique one of a kind gifts... what better way than shopping places found only in your backyard?
9. if you're gonna spend the money why not put it back into your community !!!??
10. it's fun !!!!!!

alright, alright I know this sounds all good and well, but what about convenience right?!?!
well I have the perfect solutions for local shopping from here to California and California to New York!

one, get out and explore!
and two click here :

To Shop Local on Etsy!

all you have to do is type in the city and state of where you live into the search engine and WA-Laa amaZING local shops right at your finger tips!

i majorly Etsy !
i have a feeling you may too

& last but not least, below are some cute gift ideas i found at local stores through Etsy's shop local site to spark your holiday inspiration!

~ ~

I hope you all are warm and cozy, cheery and bright this holiday season!
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