thanks giving

  Thursday, 11.4.10

being that this is the month of thanks giving, i thought i would start my very 1st blog post with some things

i am most thankful for...

i am thankful for all the L O V E in my life, and for my supportive, kind husband.
i am thankful for my beautiful family near and far,
and for my wonderfully creative friends.
i am thankful for the opportunity to share in this space,
and i am thankful to be surrounded by a home, a family,
and an environment that encourages me to explore.
i am thankful.

below is a beautiful reminder one of my best friend's, Claire, left for Kyle and I on our wedding day . ik hou van jou Claire

in the future, i hope to write things that spark conversation, i hope to inspire ideas, and lastly, i hope this finds you smiling
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