studio 54 !!!

  Tuesday, 8.9.11

after a couple of busy months of preparations, i am happy to say that the new studio space for KSP is alive & kickin' !!!


below are just a few before & after pics that i wanted to share with you all. feel free to call & make an appointment if you like!
without further ado,,,,
introducing .ksenija savic photography's. studio 54!!!

with the address being 54 East Square Lake Rd,,,
it's only fitting that we have nicknamed it the appropriate title of 'studio 54' of course!

i have always envisioned the new home for KSP to have a very personal, up north, woodsy feel to it...
it wasn't until recently when i saw this photograph that i realized my vision was coming true....

some details that make me smile

the main room 'before'....

the main room 'after' !

the meeting room 'before'....

the meeting room ' after '....

makes me

editing room ' before ' & ' after ' !

upstairs ' before '....

... and ' after ' !

{HEART} the children's play area

make-up room ' before ' :

make-up room ' after ' !

the ' before ' & ' after ' of the backyard area...

& a few more fun details...
"this is your LIFE. find a PASSION and pursue it. fall in love.

nooooooooooooooo problem!

stay tuned for some more exciting announcements,,,

including a BRAND NEW 'SIMPLE SESSION' being offered at the studio!!!
WHOOOOOOP! all coming to this blog very very soon.

with love always,

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