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  Friday, 6.27.14

if you haven't heard of Lori Lipten, you are in for a real treat.
Lori brings love, light & truth through divinely attuned messages. she empowers individuals to access their innate intuitive wisdom. she provides readings, shamanic healing, teaches intuitive & shamanic practices and leads international retreats. you may even recall Lori from the Sacred Soul Retreats at Anamaya in Costa Rica that i documented a few years back.

she is a teacher, a Shaman, an author, a healer.

you can check out her website here, however be sure to check back soon as it is under some exciting construction & rebranding to fully showcase her spirit, truth and love.

below are some of my faves from her headshot session that took place at her incredible office space in Bloomfield Hills. hope you enjoy!!

without further ado,
please meet the beautyFULL Lori Lipten

she literally glows

i also snapped a few images of some of the things that are in her office space...
all fueled with love & light

beautiful Lori

"I am here to bring through love, light and truth in ways that
uplift, inspire, heal & empower my clients and the spirits involved.
THAT is what i do that aligns with my soul purpose." ~Lori Lipten

there is just something about this image that signifies such strength & softness at the same time to me

a very special gift

beautiful Lori,,,
it was such an honor to capture these images of you.
may you see so clearly the light that you radiantly shine from within & outward to all of us!
with love & gratitude, always, ksen

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