becky siden

  Tuesday, 1.7.14

i have said this before,
& i will say it again,
if you don't know this beauty,

Becky is an incredible therapist & ALL AROUND person! you just feel better when you are around her... she has an energy & love of life that is infectious.

Becky believes that every moment is an opportunity to feel alive and connected -- i couldn't agree more! she is passionate in helping people to realize and express their full potential. in my opinion, Becky’s expertise encompasses a bit of what everyone wants :

to be loved,
give love,
feel connected,
& play! of course

Becky also has a BRAND NEW WEBSITE,! i couldn't be more honored & excited to have been able to capture some pics that represent her & the tremendous person that she is.

interested in connecting with Becky?!

Becky is a psychotherapist specializing in children, adolescents & women.
feel free to
email her HERE
or call :
(248) 259-5502

*her practice is located at :
999 Haynes
Suite 235
Birmingham, MI 48009

without further ado,
please meet the beautiful inside & out, Becky Siden

seriously, could she be any more G O R G E O U S?!!!

just a few things around her home that inspired me & made me smile :

yes, yes, yes!

l o v e .

HEART her smile!!!

Becky, thanks for rocking it out with me!!!
you are such an extraordinary person who reminds me daily to live life fully, have more random dance parties & eat more Total Cluster Fudge Brownies! ha!
seriously, though, i am so blessed to know you. with love & gratitude, always, ksen

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