Friday, 4.5.19

It all started with this little rainbow I drew
& felt the need to write 'hope' in the middle of it.

This simple drawing just came to me one day & I was immediately drawn to it.

Then the rest of the drawings & words continued to come to me,
and before I even realized it,
I had created another CARE CARD pack -- rightfully called,

the 'HOPE' pack.

Without further ado, introducing...
>> the 'HOPE' pack! <<

Along with this brand new pack,
I was inspired by my bestie to also create a sticker that was vibrant & fun, just like the cards.
I think these do the trick, don't you?!

Here's a quick look at the individual cards that come in the 'HOPE' pack :

As well as the updated 'ABOUT' card that comes in every pack...
how these CARE CARDS all began!

I hope you enjoy giving these out, brightening up someone's day & making a difference!

Hop on over to the store & get your pack(s).

I CARE, & so do you.
Together we really can make a difference.

BE kind,
give fully,

with so much gratitude,

PS. CLICK HERE if you want to check out all the CARE CARD PACKS!
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