new product : fine art parent albums

  Friday, 4.16.10

hollaaaa!!! .ksp. new product alert! for the longest time i have been wanting to create a more simple version of the parent album with a creative fine art quality, look & feel to it. ahem! please meet the new parent album. this beaut is packed with 30 delicious pages, up to 36 images, full cover image & packed with love, love, love.

below are some photographs of the studio sample album in 10x10 size, as well as it's cute lil' 4x4 companion! these identical albums were created with images from the ah!mazing Jaime & Matt's wedding! the new fine art parent album is created for the parent who is looking for a modern, fine art version of a standard leatherbound parent album.

i am super pumped to introduce this finally & also excited for what is to come next in the ksp product line...

*heart* the sturdy pages!

of course,,, i also love the sizes. the 4x4 literally fits in the palm of your hand. can we say L O V E?!

a few of the spreads...

...and it lays flat when open. winWIN!

the end

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