ruby's bat mitzvah

  Thursday, 7.14.11

what do you get when you have a fun-loving, incredibly warm & ah!mazing group of people get together???

you get the Modell family & their loved ones.

you may remember the Modell family from a previous post on this blog, as well. i recently had the great pleasure of documenting their daughter Ruby's Bat Mitzvah & let me tell you,,, in true Modell style, it was a BLAAAAST!

i must warn you, though, it was two nights of fun so prepare yourself for a TON of images. below are some of my top favorites along with a slideshow with even more images at the end of this post. i hope you enjoy!

Liz, J.J., Ruby, Lacey, Skylar, & Nathan! it doesn't matter how long it has been, you always ALWAYS immediately make me smile & feel right at 'home'.... thank you for that. Ruby, i am so proud of you & beyond happy that i was able to capture such an important event and time in your life. you are truly an ah!mazing, unique & inspiring girl - not to mention absolutely beautyFULL inside out - with an entire world of AWESOME possibilities ahead of you. i can't wait to see how your journey continues to unfold! i hope the images below make you all smile BIG... thank you again for having me be a part of this incredible time. with so much heart & gratitude, always, ksen

Ruby... at Temple Beth El :

gorgeous as ever

with the most infectious smile!

Ruby with her amazing parents, Liz & J.J.

...and her sweeeeeet sisters, Lacey & Skylar

the ladies!

i mean,,, could they be any more stunning?!

skylar, lacey & ruby

the beautyFULL miss Ruby!

smiles everywhere

the blessing of the bread...

lighting of the candles

& a great speech from her Dad !

the following evening, the celebration continued at the Franklin Hills Country Club!

some of the fancy details!

Ruby has the BEST personality

( looooved her ah!mazing & uber unique dress )

loved LOVED all the fabulous details!

the absolutely STUNNING Ruby :




the beautyFULL Modell family!

during the speeches...

the ladies

the gents

lighting of the candles

....and the celebration continued on into the night!

peace & love, always

***CLICK HERE!!!***
to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from Ruby's Bat Mitzvah!
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