Thursday, 10.13.16

When I was around 12, I remember being so excited to begin to learn how to play the violin. My parents, who always invested fully in everything my sister & I wanted to do, took me to purchase my first violin at the best place in town -- Psarianos.

This past summer, I was asked by SUITED Magazine (who ironically didn't know of my original connection) to return to that special place & capture the mastermind behind it all, Peter Psarianos himself.
Needless to say, it was an honor & so lovely to reconnect soooooo many years later.

The issue is now available for pre-order at SUITED Magazine. Below is the article itself, along with some of the other images I captured from my time there.

Peter & Laurie, it was such a PLEASURE to spend time with you both. Thank you for being so warm & welcoming, as always!

Don't they just exude love & light?! You can expect the very BEST from Peter & Laurie!

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