CARE CARDS // grateful pack

  Thursday, 9.3.15

somehow it has already been over a year & a half since the official launch of
cards that give back

i am continually humbled & in awe of all you incredible peeps out there supporting these cards & the cause behind them!!!

recently i felt called & inspired to create another set of CARE CARDS.
so without further ado, introducing...

>> the 'grateful' pack! <<

as always,
for EVERY pack that is purchased,
a CARE CARD will be written & sent to a child in foster care.

we are partnered with The Children's Center
& working with them has been amazing!

CARE CARDS are 5x7" & created FLAT...
easy to frame, pin to a wall or adhere to your fridge for daily inspiration!

here's a closer look at the individual cards within the 'grateful' pack :

just BE' // photo taken in Saona Island, Punta Cana

'let GO(D)' // photo taken in Lake Nakura, Kenya

'love + LIGHT' // photo taken in Anamaya, Costa Rica

'love you MORE' // photo taken in Punta Cana, Domenican Republic

'stay STRONG' // photo taken in Hawassa, Ethiopia

'have FAITH' // photo taken in Kodich, Kenya

& of course the BONUS card :
so THANKFUL' // photo taken in Gaylord, Michigan

of course the 'grateful' pack also comes with envelopes
& the set of 'BE KIND, GIVE FULLY, STAY AWESOME' stickers, too.

i hope these CARE CARDS make you smile...
& in turn make those who receive them with your personal message smile, too.

so whatchya waiting for?!
hop on over to the store & get your pack today!

i CARE, & so do you.
together we really can make a difference.

CLICK HERE to check out all sets of CARE CARDS!

get your pack today & watch the LOVE spread.
with love & gratitude,

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