let me tell you about your Daddy

  Sunday, 6.19.16

My dear son,

Today is Father's day & you are 20 months old!
Last year I wrote a post to your Dad on his first official Father's day,
but this year I decided I wanted to write you a post to tell you all about your Daddy.

Your Daddy is incredibly loving.
He has a heart that is bigger than his chest & is always thinking about others. He loves you SO much that he can't stand it if he is working late or has to miss seeing you before you go to bed and always asks if he can wake you up just to give you a big hug & kiss good night.

Your Daddy is a Man of God.
He loves Jesus with his whole heart & strives to lead in His name daily with patience, love & grace.

Your Daddy is giving.
He would literally give the shirt off of his back to a complete stranger & not even think twice about it.
He is always wanting to help, in whatever way that may be.

Your Daddy is hard-working.
He is dedicated to his work & to providing for his family.
He also works hard at maintaining a balance within our home & making sure everyone is happy.

Your Daddy is selfless.
He tends to think about everyone else before he thinks about himself,
including your four-legged brothers.

Your Daddy is open.
He is always working on being the best version of himself.
He is open to trying new things & doing what is best with everyone in mind.

Your Daddy is strong, both inside & outside.
He enjoys living a healthy life so that he can always keep up with you
& he also shows us his inner strength daily by being able to lean on God and not on his own understanding.

Your Daddy is sensitive.
He is a true man who can show all of his emotions & be proud of them.
He shows great strength by doing so.

Your Daddy is positive.
Sometimes he is so positive that even Mama can't believe it!
This is a great way to live your life -- always view the glass half-full.

Your Daddy is playful.
He can be a kid at heart & loves to have fun, especially with you.
Some of his favorite time spent with you is playing ball in the backyard,
tackle football in your bedroom or "catch me" throughout our home.

Your Daddy is calm.
He is a peacemaker at heart.
He likes to have quiet time... especially if it means cuddling with you on the couch watching Elmopalooza.

Your Daddy is grateful.
He gives thanks & praise to our God Almighty every single day.
There isn't a night that we go to bed that he doesn't say, "Thank you God for this day."

Your Daddy goes by many names that you call him, including "DAD, DADDA, DAAA"...
& someday we hope you will also learn to call him Tata, the Yugoslavian way.

Your Daddy is amazing....
and one day, when you are old enough to read this & understand it all, you will already know what I mean.
You may ask me why I took the time to tell you about your Daddy today?
It's because you may not remember today at such a young age, so I wanted to stamp it in time for you for forever.

Son, I know how MUCH you LOVE your Daddy
& I pray that you lead in his examples for the rest of your life!
Being that you are his son,
I have no doubt that you will.

with an indescribable love,
always & forever,


Mark, I love you.
I am beyond grateful for you & ALL that you do for us every single day. It does not go unnoticed.
Thank you for being the best Daddy our son could ever ask for! Happiest Father's Day!
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