Tuesday, 5.28.19

Hey friends! I figured since pools are officially open, it's a good time to talk sunscreen.

First, if you don't know already, many conventional sunscreens are not safe to put on the body due to being loaded with chemicals. Sad, but true, my friends. The GOOD news is that there are also many current sunscreens that are NON-TOXIC, clean, safe & EWG approved!

I thought I would take some of the research work out of it for you & share my current TOP 3 safe sunscreens. What I love about all of these 3 (other than the clean ingredients) is that they are very easy to put on, as well (a must when you have kids ). The spray cans are NOT aerosol, either, so they are good for the environment, too. #winwin PS. With the spray can mists, I spray them on my hand to apply on my children’s faces— FYI! Even easier that way.

In no particular order, from left to right :

1 // Badger Kids Broad Spectrum SPF30 Sunscreen Cream
This one smells sweet & citrus-y, which is a bonus if your kid is extra picky.

2 // Babo Botanicals Sheer Zinc Sunscreen
PS. This Babo Botanical line is a new favorite of mine in general -- super great regarding all things baby & kids!!

3 // Beautycounter Countersun Mineral Sunscreen Mist
If you are in need of a great Beautycounter rep to talk anything through, feel free to contact my friend, Brianna Scott!!

Cheers to easy, worry-free sunscreen!

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