staying awake & thank you's

  Monday, 9.27.10

oh Monday. how you come so soon & yet go by so fast.

...i have a couple things on my mind today that i just wanted to briefly share.

first, & most importantly, a huge BIG T H A N K YOU ... to all of you who took the time to vote, to fill us with your heartFULL comments & support us with your love. thank you. it is because of wonderFULL you that .ksp. placed in the top 5 again this year for the WDIV contest!!!

it is truly such an honor & your cheer continues to blow my mind.

second,,, in light of the WDIV contest & it being a day that happens to be a 'great need for coffee day' ~
i wanted to share with you this awesome napkin from Caribou Coffee. i am not going to waste your time telling you how much i LOVE their new marketing...
i am sure for those who know me even a little, that would be a pretty obvious statement.

however i am going to tell you that this napkin made me smile. and it made me stop & think about what it is that i 'stay awake for'...

i can definitely agree with most of the statements below,,, with just a couple slight tweaks :
'maxing out your passport (um, yes please!) ,
stories with no ghosts involved around the campfire (or anywhere/anytime ),
adopting a four-legged friend (duh!),
listening to an instrument being played (i was not blessed with musical talent,,, but a definite HUGE love & appreciation for it)
dancing (minus the 'break' part )
luscious, oh-so-delicious chocolate. (nuff said).

in general, though, i stay awake for the
LOVE of the life i am living
& the absolutely hands down ahhhhhhhhh!mazing friends, family, clients & animals that surround me daily.

...i stay awake for love.
plain & simple.
yet so FULL & beautifully complex.

and i hope you know that with your continued love & support, you are helping me, well,,,
stay awake.
just by being

isn't it incredible how much we all impact each other's lives without even knowing it?

with love & gratitude,


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