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  Wednesday, 10.9.13

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i say it's a gorgeous day so let's start it off in a most GORGEOUS way... please meet the beautiful inside & out C.love!

i had a blast with her recently creating some stunning imagery as an anniversary surprise for her husband... so in order not to ruin the surprise i am not going to say too much --- just that i absolutely LOVE that she chose to do this not only for HIM, but for HER, too. i have said this before, but doing a boudoir session is so empowering & important to see yourself in a different light. we are all so beautiful in our own way... sometimes you just have to let it all shine out!

below are some of my TOP faves from her boudoir session!

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C.love,,, thank you for being so trusting, warm & downright AWESOME. i seriously had the best time with you & feel truly honored that i got to capture these images for you. i hope they make you (& your hubby ) smile BIG & remind you how incredibly beautyFULL you ARE! with so much love & gratitude, always, ksen

just loooooove everything about this -- such a classic beauty
ps. i also had the pleasure of doing her make-up look, as well!

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