monika & jason

  Saturday, 3.3.12

you may remember these beauts from their sweet sneak peek or from Monika's make-up trial,,, well i couldn't be more excited to finally be able to share their gorgeous wedding day! they were married at Fore Lakes amongst their loved ones, God, nature & on top of all this, a rainbow greeted them later that day! it couldn't have been a more blessed day!

here are some of their "heart moments" :
1) what are 3 words that describe the way you were feeling when you first saw each other?
jason : Energized, Stoked, Breathtaking
monika : WOW!, Peace, Ignited

2) what is a moment from your wedding day that makes your heart smile?
m+j : "We had the rainbow that Jason prayed for with out a rain cloud in sight."

3) what is a funny memory from you wedding day?!
m+j : "Our drive back to the hotel with friends via the McDonald drive through and the trick cake for Jason. "

aaaand be sure to check out their slideshow at the end of this post for even MORE images from their wedding day!

Monika & Jason! i know you know this, but i feel SO honored & blessed to have been a part of such a tremendous day in your lives. thank you for sharing it with me & Angela -- we had such an ah!mazing time with you & your loved ones! your love is sweet & true -- an inspiration to us all. may the images below always remind you of the love that you share! with so much heart & gratitude, always, ksen

let's begin with some of the fancy details

Monika received a sweet surprise from Jason ... i think she liked it

it was a GORGEOUS day! flowers were created by the talented Weed Lady :

Jason was looking quite dapper himself! & definitely ready to see his beautiful bride

nothing gets better than live music which was playing throughout the getting ready festivities!

Monika, seriously now! could you be any more STUNNING?!!!

love everything about this !

someone was ready to see her groom!

here comes the bride!!!


the newlyweds!

their awesome bridal party!


love is : kisses, smiles & a perfect 10


ooooh-la-la! love!

{heart} this series below...
as they were graced with the presence of a rainbow that Jason had prayed for! their emotion, expression, & gratitude are priceless.

needless to say, it was an incredible evening...

filled with music & smiles

sweet 1st dances & dancing!

& ending with smooches, bubbles & CHEERS to a beautyFULL new mr. & mrs.!!!

*** CLICK HERE!!! ***
to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from their wedding day!
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