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  Wednesday, 7.28.10

it took me about maybe 3 minutes after first meeting Shannon & Frank to know that we were going to get along... aaaand have a WHOLE lot of fun while doing so.

and let me tell you, that is exactly what happened during their engagement session. what i didn't fully realize is that i should have capitalized the word F U N !!! with a couple of extra exclamation points because their adorable puggle, Butters & sweet great dane, Timujin joined in to make the day MOST complete. not to mention, fillllllllled with laughter. i just couldn't get enough of their crazyawesomeadorable expressions! just you wait -- you will see what i mean below.

Shannon & Frank have a realness & ease about them that is beyond inspiring. they light up around each other & when you are with them, be prepared to laugh. A LOT! they were totally up for anything & really let me do my thang. {thank you!} i also had the pleasure of doing Shannon's make-up before the sesh!

below are some of my top faves from the afternoon, however be sure to check out the slideshow at the end of this post for even more images.

Shannon & Frank, (and Timujin & Butters, of course!) you guys ROCK. thank you for spending that gorgeous afternoon with me. i am beyond pumped to share the moments captured below from our sesh & uber excited for the BIG day in September! also,,, a big HUGE thank you to your truly wonderFULL friend, Sara, who helped with the pups!!! Sara, you ROCK! hope you enjoy your bloggg post! with great heart, ksen

first up,,, Timujin stretching it out, getting ready for the shoot :

from left to right ~ Butters, Shannon, Frank & Timujin :

i Detroit. this is one of the many reasons why -- the city has some of the best architecture & lineage hidden in the most random of places.
like, a parking lot !

supaHEART everything about this image... especially sweet Butters facial expression in the corner!

luuuuuuuuurve !

seriously. don't think they could get any cuter :

this image. this moment. all of it -- makes me smile so big :

it looks like someone got pedi's for this special occasion :

Timujin's expression here & Butter's tongue gets me every time :

a top fave. hands down.

yeah,,, i'm pretty sure they may burst the barometer off the cuteness machine !

absolutely. gorgeous :

LOVE this :

L O V E :

super l o v e the series below :

can anyone spot Frank?

there is just something about this image that i adore :

as far as i can see, their future is open, bright & endless.

***CLICK HERE!!!*** to view the slideshow & see more photographs.

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