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  Thursday, 4.8.10

yesterday i had the pleasure of doing Krystle's make-up trial for her big day. not only do i get to do her make-up look, but i also have the honor of documenting her wedding day at the end of this month! i met Krystle five years ago when i photographed her dear friend Bristol's wedding, who married her sweetie Marco. i absolutely LOVE it when life comes around full circle like that. yesterday Bristol actually came with Krystle to the trial which was the nicest surprise! needless to say, we had a blast. below are a few photos to share from the afternoon!

Krystle & Bristol! it was wonderFULL to see you both & be able to chat, laugh,,, and laugh some more. i hope you had a great rest of the evening & i simply cannot wait to see you on the big day SOON!

Krystle,,, you are GORGEOUS!

she has the BEST laugh & smile!

love this :

Krystle & Bristol,,, being Krystle & Bristol

aren't they the cutest?!

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