rachel & bret

  Sunday, 9.23.07

getting hitched next year on august 2, 2008... Rachel & Bret are two of the most in love & loveable people that i have ever met -- & documenting them was an absolute blast!! we chose downtown royal oak as our "engagement playground" -- these two make the best out of any situation & were totally up for everything! LOVE that! it was an afternoon filled with great laughter, awesome conversation & tons of smiles. : )

Rachel & Bret, as i said before, i just had the best time with you both that afternoon! thank you for being the warm & loving people that you are!! i am very much looking forward to the wedding day... for now, here's your sneak peek &, of course, many more to come!

as we started our shoot, we spotted this couch in the alley by the salvation army... remember how i said that they were up for anything!!?! : ) soo cute.

& a tiny bit of fun with signs...

: )

aren't they adorable!?!

both rachel & bret are incredibly athletic... so i found the basketball court appropriate. : )

a tiny bit more serious ; )

& back to the laughter & smiles!

as we finished up & were walking back to get some coffee... we spotted this rad r2d2 mailbox, so ofcourse we had to snap a pic... or two! ; )

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