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  Tuesday, 12.23.08

if you have been following my blog lately, you have heard me reference Chelsea & Dan just recently in a previous post. Chels & Dan are two extraordinary individuals & together they just put a whole LOT of punch into that extra in extraordinary!!! these two are walking examples of and i couldn't be happier to have been able to spend some more time with them again during their engagement session. we had a blast roaming around the streets of downtown Birmingham on one beautiful October day.... & it was very hard to narrow down my top faves so please check out the slideshow at the end of this post to see even more.

Chels & Dan, i hope you enjoy these images as much as i do! i feel they depict the many different characteristics of you both, as well as your incredibly love and bond. while editing & prepping this blog post, i absolutely LOVED reliving that afternoon -- i cannot even begin to imagine how much i will LOVE doing the same for your wedding images in June! i cannot wait! for now, though, thank you again for being the beautiful people that you are... your love, kindness, thoughtfulness & generosity are truly inspiring. happy holidays to you both... & happy blogging!

first up, there is just something about this series below that i *heart* so much :

are they cute or what?!

...and talking about striking!

all we need is love, love, love :

their smiles are contagious :

a definite top fave from the day :

i love the way Chelsea is looking at Dan in this photo...

the sunlight couldn't have been more perfect that afternoon :

oooh,la,la! looove this :

...and this!

...and, um, this one too... okay, i'll stop now!

Dan put a lot of time into designing the perfect ring for Chels -- which was created by the brilliant James Pierowich (whose studio is located in downtown Birmingham, as well!) :

i adore how much they laugh together :

we made a brief stop into The Cupcake Station.... & if you haven't been there before, it is a must the next time you are in downtown Birmingham. it is the 'sweetest' place. so, i decided they should eat 'cupcake' together before they eat 'cake' together :

we even made a little visit to James Pierowich's studio...

... and had some good fun reminiscing about the creation & story behind her engagement ring & the proposal :

as well as hanging out with the truly awesome James Pierowich :

we took a stroll to the park...

and let me tell you, these guys have some moves!

another top fave of mine :

LOVE.this.series, too :

truly beautyFULL :

...and near the end of our session, we stumbled across this neat little pumpkin patch :

sooooooooo cute!

i just love their chemistry.

****please *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see even more photographs. we had talked a lot about Jack Johnson that afternoon, however i chose one of my top favorite songs from another fave artist of mine because it just seemed appropriate for their slideshow! happy day to you... hope you enjoy! ****
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