Monday, 12.29.08

Sarah & Ron are the CUTEST!! i will never forget our initial conversation on the phone and then finally meeting them in person -- no matter which way you put it, you cannot help but to smile & laugh A LOT when you are around these two! they are full of passion & life, and i absolutely adore their constant zest & enthusiasm. they light up when they are around each other. we had the best time in downtown Ann Arbor one early October day (can i thank you guys again for your patience?! thank YOU!! )... leaving us with far too many memories to recall in this simple paragraph -- so, you will have to take a browse below to see for yourself!

of course, remember to also check out their slideshow at the end of this post which was even more photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Sarah & Ron! you guys are the BEST! thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so rad & wonderFULL,,, for being the amazing people that you ARE. thank you . i am so happy that we were able to go to Ann Arbor & play! i cannot wait until your wedding in May -- it is going to rock!!! until then, i hope these images plant huge smiles across your beautiful faces. more to come soon!....

there is just something about this image that i love so much :

can you tell how the light each other up?!

i *heart* this series... i think my artsy-fartsy self will call it, 'the pedestrian' :

love this :

all you need is love, laughter, love...

... and a little bit of oomph!

are they cute or what?!

the talented make-up artist extraordinaire (& also my rad assistant and friend), Angela, did Sarah's make-up for the engagement session :

i remember taking this image & being very happy :

however, then i snapped this one & i was uberdoober happy -- definitely one of my toptop faves from the day :

the beautiful couple!

yep, i *heart* this one so!

another top fave :

i just love the way they interact with each other :

they can be goofy....

and lovey....

and so very sweet :

this one has such a classic/mod feeling to it that i adore :

doesn't this make you want to smile?!

how could we be in Ann Arbor & not give the Cube a twirl?

or grab a slice of the infamous NYPD pizza?

i love, love their expressions here!

another very '"ann arbor" spot we couldn't resist!

as we were wrapping things up, Sarah & Ron both like to read so we decided to check out some books at Borders....

...and how appropriate that there were tons of books on photography! if you ask me, by the looks on their faces, i think they were thinking about one-up-ing me on my photog skillz... !

****please *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see even more photographs. my dear sweet friend Aya suggested this particular song (used in the slideshow) to me a little while back & i have been waiting to use it. reflecting back to our awesome conversations that day, i thought this song was perfect for their slideshow. hope you enjoy! ****
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