Tuesday, 9.9.08

Linda & Michael are getting hitched on the 20th of this month.... i first met these two lovebirds in the very beginning of 2007 & when we got together just recently to shoot their esession, it felt as if no time had passed at all. Linda & Michael are incredibly open, loving, good-hearted & genuine people.... my studio room was filled with great conversation as i did Linda's make-up trial, which only carried on into our awesome esession -- it was as if nothing had skipped a beat after all this time.

for their engagement session, we decided to roam around the beautiful downtown area of Birmingham. as you will see from the images below, Linda & Michael are very much in love & definitely know how to have fun with each other. as always, there are even more photographs to share in the slideshow posted at the end of this post!!

Linda & Michael! i absolutely adore you both & will always remember the great time we had that afternoon. i am soooo happy to share these images with you... as you will see, you are actually both naturals in front of the camera!! get ready for the 20th... we are in for some really good times!! i just cannot wait. i hope you enjoy your sneak peek below!

um, can we say straight out of a magazine or what?!

you can't help but to smile when you are around them. their chemistry is truly contagious :

i adore everything about this image. the movement, the feel,,, it is almost as if we were in Europe for just a split second :

yes, go ahead. you can say it. i know.... they are GORGEOUS!!!!

and yet, just too cute at the same time! how does one do that? no fair! :

love,love,love! :

something a lil' different :

i *heart* body language. it isn't scripted, and anything but posed -- it is what happens naturally when you are around the person you love :

Linda & Michael both really enjoy a great glass of wine... so it seemed only natural for us to end the esession at the awesome 220 in Birmingham!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs from their esession! i used a song that is special to both Linda & Michael, and that happens to also be one of my top favorites. however, to hear it, you will have to take check out the slideshow! hope you enjoy. ****
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