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  Monday, 8.18.08

Julie & Marc get hitched on October 11th of this year... & our esession was actually the first time we all got to meet due to the fact that they both live in Chicago! after soo many great conversations over the phone, though, i knew we would all have a lot of fun. & sure enough, fun around & about Royal Oak is what we had!! these two definitely know how to have a good time & laugh a ton around each other --- so much so that it makes you smile & laugh along with them; it is very contagious! below are some of my favorite images from the afternoon, as well as a slideshow posted at the end of the post if you would like to see even more images.

Julie & Marc!!! thank you for such a great time on that beautiful afternoon! i really enjoyed our conversations, mini adventures, laughter & just overall getting to know you both a bit better... i can't wait to see what is in store for us on the wedding day! i know it is going to be a truly awesome day! hope you enjoy your sneak peek below...

oh, ... & did i mention they were incredibly good looking, too?!

we saw this & couldn't resist having fun with it...

a top fave from the session :

love, love love this series :

they are in love...


& darn right beautifull!

Marc used to frequent the WAB in Ferndale when he used to live here, so we decided to end the esession there...

...which was a very relaxing & fun way to do it!

another one of my top faves from the afternoon...

i just adore the way Julie is looking at Marc in this image:

& seriously, now....are they the cutest or what?!

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs! i chose a song that i find quite fitting to Marc & Julie because they are truly so happy together... ****
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