Tuesday, 7.29.08

i am back in town after a wonderful wedding we shot this past weekend up north at A-ga-ming & busy working away at the million-and-one things on my never ending to-do list!! i cannot THANK everyone enough for their great patience as i work away at their fine art images! i truly appreciate it more than my words could even begin to express.

so with that said, yes i have tons more to blog about and Trish & Steve were next on the blogging list! these two are the awesomest (yes, that is a word... my word! ). seriously... they are in love, make each other laugh all the time & every time i see them, they are all smiles. i LOVE, love that about them! we had a blast at their esession & i am so happy with all the different types of images we were able to capture! below are some of my faves, along with a slideshow at the end of the post with even more images to check out!

Trish & Steve -- i you two BIG time! i am soooo very excited to share your sneak peek with you, you have no idea! thank you both for being so wonderful, open, & caring... for being YOU! i had the best time with you guys (as i always do!) & cannot wait for the BIG day in September!!! it is going to be a blast, that is for sure! also, thank you both again for the most yummy dinner! & remember, next time is my treat!!! enjoy, enjoy, more to come very soon!

Steve & Trish... aren't they gorgeous?!

their body language screams "i adore you!" :

so, these two like to have a good time... & as i was taking this photo, Steve made this awesome goofy face. right after it was taken, Trish asked him if he did something funny. i can't remember exactly what he answered, but i do remember Trish saying she will find out in the proofs! well, i thought it was too fun & cute, so why not find out now!!

remember that thing about how they like to have fun?! just a fun moment :

one of my top faves from the day :

i love how dreamy this image is :

another top favorite. lots of rainbows happen to come up in our session that day & this one just landed perfectly in the photograph :

love, love, love :

seriously, are they the cutest or what?!

ah yes. i just adore this series below. i think it gives you a pretty good idea of how fun-loving these two really are :

the best part of the image below (although i do have to admit, Trish & Steve are mighty good jumpers!!!!) is the little girl in the far left of the photo...

sometimes, i think the expression right after the jump is the best part!

i just looooooove the feeling in this one :

yummy! another top fave from the session :

this door was too cool to pass up :

we had to have a little fun by this random "sculpture" wording on the brick :

the perfect ending to the perfect esession :

**** *CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. back in june, i bumped into Trish & Steve at the Jack Johnson concert, so i purposely chose one of my top favorite Jack songs for their slideshow! ****
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