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  Tuesday, 11.27.07

Lindsay & Neil are a WHOLE lot of fun to be around -- there's no question about it! getting married on july 11, 2008, these two know how to make each other laugh out loud & how to easily find a comic approach to life ( you will definitely get a sense of what I am talking about from their photos & slideshow at the end of this post)! they are incredible to be around & document. their undeniable love towards each other is something that can light up a room... or in this case, the Franklin Cider Mill on one of the last days in october.

Lindsay & Neil! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek -- i have been so excited to share it with you both!!! working with you guys was such a blast & i can't wait to do it all over again on the wedding day! thank you for being so up for anything & for the wonderful people that you are.

aren't they cute!?

talk about some GREAT smiles!

lindsay's eyes are so dreamy :

they are seriously toooo fun!

i this one -- there is something so natural & lovely about it.

one beautiful couple

they are mighty good jumpers, too!

we ventured off into the parking lot of the cider mill for a little bit...

walked towards a small patch of woods...

(can we say "models" or what?!)

& caught the tail end of some amazing sunlight:

of course we also had to buy some delicious cider...

& some scrumptious, toasty, fresh cider donuts (my FAVORITE treat ever)!

if you look closely, you will see that Lindsay's donut has a heart shape in the middle! quite appropriate if i do say so myself!

as the esession wrapped up, i asked them if there was anything particular they wanted, & Lindsay wanted to do a few shots by the "no smoking" sign because this is something she feels very strongly about! i feel that the image below definitely shows that.

... a few more!

& a great afternoon sealed with a great kiss!

**** *SIMPLY CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. . enjoy! ****
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