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  Tuesday, 11.20.07

getting hitched on april 6, 2008, Abbey & E.J. are SO much fun! i have had the pleasure to work with these two in a number of different ways this past year -- first a shoot with E.J. for his website (featured on my old blog!), then Abbey's sister Jennifer's wedding this past May, as well as Jessica & RJ's wedding most recently (that post coming soon!) -- so needless to say, with all these great events going on, it was awesome to finally work with just the two of them & document their love for one another -- time to show them off ya know!! it is also so awesome to be able to work with such an incredible group of friends & family!!! Abbey & E.J. have the best personalities, are incredibly open, kind & caring beings, and have a love for one another that is genuine & true. they also have a goofy side to themselves (which I love!) & is evident in a few of their photographs. we ventured into downtown Detroit around Campus Martius to do their esession and truly had a blast!

*check out some of the faves below, as well as the slideshow at the end of the post for even more images!!!

Abbey & E.J. where do I possibly even begin with the two of you?! you are remarkable people full of life & an energy that is contagious and wonderful. i adore you both & am so happy to be able to work with you both as we document this amazing time in your lifes. i cannot wait for the BIG day!!!

first up, please meet Abbey & E.J.! aren't they the cutest!???

and mighty good jumpers I might add:

the sunlight that afternoon was incredible:

love, love, love their reflection in this photograph:

their laughter is the best!

one word: gorgeous

: )

they are brave, too! gotta love that.


we saw this sign & couldn't help but take advantage of it -- how very appropriate for it to say "work ahead" because we all know that marriage is a life-long commitment that takes work! we took a very serious approach to this:

but only for so long before there was laughter of course! I know for a fact that there is A LOT of laughter "AHEAD" for these two!

i adore everything about this one... especially the glimpse of the reflection of the city in the window!

something a bit more moody :

i think this image encompasses Abbey & E.J's ability to have fun & be goofy : ) -- very important in life!

and lastly, this image feels like a dream to me...

**** *SIMPLY CLICK HERE!!!* to view their slideshow & see more photographs. also, the song used is "amazing" by Josh Kelley ; ) . enjoy! ****
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