Wednesday, 8.19.20

Dad, today you would have been 80. The day started with a bold rainbow greeting me first thing on the bathroom floor & ended with the most gorgeous sunset. In between we did all the things you loved most -- making crepes, playing on the beach, grilling bbq & the kids even made you a cake -- but I know that most of all you would have just loved that we were all together.

Today was filled with laughter, joy & many tears. I can't say that today felt right, but we definitely did it right. We got through it together, with you wrapping your heavenly arms around us. I could feel your spirit & almost hear your laughter out loud. Thank you for that.

At dinner, Mom asked the kids to share their favorite memories of you & I can only imagine how much that made your heart sing to hear them speak about you with the greatest of admiration & love. I was too emotional to share a favorite memory -- there are just too many. But as I take a moment to reflect tonight, the first picture that comes to mind is you just coming over to our home as you always did, slipping your slippers off before even entering, & immediately grabbing the kids faces and kissing them endlessly.

Today I tried to give them extra kisses & hugs for you, Tata. You are missed. You are so missed. But we will continue to push forward & live life well, with open arms, just like you did & taught us to.

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