Tuesday, 9.8.20

"Find a partner that supports your power. Someone who appreciates your opinions, who has faith in your dreams and knows that you can achieve great things. They recognize that you are whole as an individual but are ready to compliment your life with their love and dedication. Together, you share the responsibility of leadership. With gentle honesty and open communication, you check in often to make sure that you are understanding each other well and are both doing what you can to make your union brighter."
- Yung Pueblo

8 years ago today on the 8th of September we said, "I DO!" & sealed it with a kiss. Today I am reminded of one of the reasons I liked the date we were getting married on -- if you flip the number 8 sideways, it looks like the infinity symbol.

We are *only* 8 years in but God sure has taken us on a growing adventure, now hasn't he? He has blessed us, humbled us, comforted us, strengthened us & reminded us daily that we cannot do marriage without Him.

Thank you for holding my hand & continuing to want to grow together, my love. Thank you for being our rock! Here's to always learning how to shine together & leaving a legacy our children will be proud of. You have my heart, infinitely.

*photos by the talented @eccampbellphotography
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