Wednesday, 3.11.20

It's interesting how life can be a rotating combination of ‘bliss’ & ‘trying’ at the same time, isn’t it? This weekend was jam-packed with a lot of family fun -- from Super Hero parties, to Nana visits, to soul-filling spontaneous visits with great friends, to Nick Jr Live, to exploring the D, to family walks & bike rides — with of course some rest & work in between. It was A LOT, but also just what we all needed. The joy my heart feels when seeing the look of sheer excitement & happiness on our kids faces is like none other.

And then our son came down with a fever as the weekend closed & just like that, everything just shifted into a different mode. Lack of sleep, worry, doctor visits, fear thoughts -- and to be quite honest, I was so bummed. Bummed that we went from having SUCH a great weekend to ending like this. Bummed that our son would have to miss school as he was BEYOND excited to tell everyone his adventures with Pete the Cat since he had him this past week. Bummed that he was feeling crappy & I do so much to keep them healthy (I know, I know... it's good for their immune system). Bummed to feel that 'tired worry feeling' start to creep in yet again.

Then, in the quiet moments, this all really got me thinking about how important it is to stay in a constant state of GRATITUDE. There is NO fear or worry thought that gratitude cannot squash in it's tracks.

So, I started to focus on the GOOD despite the hard. If this happened last week, he would have missed the entire fun weekend. He WILL get back to school & be able to enjoy sharing his adventures with Pete the Cat regardless. All that I do to help our kids be healthy & strong WILL help them tackle sickness better & make them even stronger in the end. I made it a priority to negate that 'tired worry' with the things that make me feel 'awake & thankful' -- like working out, heart-filling-real conversations, cuddling with my kids & infusing them with love.

I was reminded, yet again, how darkness cannot live when you bring it to the light. And that, this too shall pass... with patience, perseverance & HOPE. A grateful, positive heart can truly conquer all.

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