Monday, 8.10.20

#100daysoflivingAWAKE day 27.

I randomly came across an email I had written to my bestie way back in 2006. I was catching her up on life, & something I wrote to her literally stopped me in my tracks :

"I realize that sometimes (and this sounds so simple to say) but we can just lose ourselves so easily -- without even truly realizing that that is the problem! And then all of a sudden one day it all just clicks, so you tell yourself you want YOU again and you are not going to let society or anyone or thing stop you. I realize I have a tendency to forget to take care of me sometimes and then in return "me" gets lost. As I grow older, though, respect for yourself and your wants becomes so much clearer. I grow stronger and feel more comfortable to voice my opinions even more loudly than before, ya know? I want to live, love and laugh openly and say whatever is on my mind at all times. Life is just too precious not to be honest with yourself about every little and big thing. ALWAYS."

Pretty crazy to still be learning from my 27 year old self today. It amazed me to read these words from a girl in her twenties not knowing even how remotely important these words would become as she built her business, traveled the world, got married, had children, lost her father...

Isn't it comforting to know that losing ourselves is the only way to truly find yourself again? Sharing tonight for anyone who feels like they have lost a bit of themselves lately -- rest assured you are shedding what no longer serves you. The best is yet to come.

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