Wednesday, 5.20.20

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.”
~ Stacia Tauscher

This past weekend my Mom decided to try to start her car since she hadn't driven it in two months. It didn't start so she called AAA, they got it working & told her she had to drive her car around for a bit to make sure the battery stays full. She ended up stopping by & we got to briefly visit with her while she stayed in her car. The kids were, of course, SO excited.

Out of the blue, our son gave her this dried flower arrangement (that happened to have fallen off of our wreath). He said the 4 pink ones represented our family & the top white one was Dedo (Serbian for Grandfather) watching over us. Then, after that he said, "Nana, Don't worry. I think this virus is going away. I can just feel it."

I'm not sure what prompted him to say what he did that day -- we weren't talking about my father or the virus. So what if it was just little messages of comfort from a child who is able to see & hear things differently than our over-worried & over-worked minds?

Regardless, his words gave me chills & added some much needed hope to my day. It was such a great reminder that children are our teachers... on the good days & on the hard days. As much as we need to guide them, we need to be aware of how much they are guiding us, too.

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