Tuesday, 1.21.20

"Grief & Joy can coexist." This has been on my mind a lot lately, because it is so very true.?

However, feeling joy while feeling grief deep within is such an odd place to navigate, right? You want to allow yourself to feel the JOY, yet there is this odd almost sense of “guilt” if you do so. You get stuck somewhere along the lines of knowing that your deceased loved one would WANT you to experience joy, but this type of ‘joy’ (knowing they aren't there to experience it with you) is just, well, so very different.

BUT, different doesn't necessarily mean bad. As I am figuring out the new me, I am reminding myself of the importance of ALLOWING. Allowing the pain, the joy, the sadness, the love, the rain, the sun... any of it & all of it. ?

And most importantly, when I feel like I am 'drowning', I am redirecting my thoughts to all that I am grateful for. Today, I’m grateful that, even though I’ve lost someone SO important & loved, I’ve been given the gift of an entirely new set of eyes to view this world & life we live in.

What are YOU grateful for today, right now, this very minute?!

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