Thursday, 2.11.21

I've been wanting to try out Skout Organic for a while now & recently finally made time to place an order. YOU GUYS -- these bars are SO crazy delicious & made with just a few organic, plant-based ingredients. They are also dairy, gluten, grain & soy free, and have some nut free options, too!

Our entire family loved them so much that they were pretty much devoured within a hot second ... so it looks like I will be placing another order this week but wanted to share with you guys in case you are on the look out for something new as a great healthy on-the-go alternative. These are definitely a solid win in my books!

I reached out & they were generous to offer a 20% off discount code, too so you can use my code >> "KSEN20" << at checkout or just click on the link (in profile).

"Salted Chocolate" was definitely my personal TOP fave. Anyone else already tried these out?!

PPS. They also have cute kid size bars in a variety of flavors -- be on the lookout for more info on those in my stories soon!

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