Wednesday, 1.22.20

I can listen to hours of scientific based nutrition research, read all the books, articles & watch countless documentaries, BUT if you ask me later for the facts & numbers, I can’t recite them for you. How I store the info I learn is literally within my soul. Truly. It’s how I’ve always been. I can memorize things, but the knowledge I LEARN gets embedded in a different way within me. Anyone relate?!

With that said, I feel like there is ALWAYS opportunity to learn no matter which way you take it in. I personally love books that educate & help us grow, which is why I wanted to take a minute to share the book I have been loving lately : "How Not to Die" by Dr. Michael Greger. Although the title can read a bit dramatically, the book is chockFULL of SO MUCH GOODNESS.

On top of that, what I really appreciate about Dr. Greger is that not only is all of his research science based, he ALSO gives all of the money he makes from his books to charity. He doesn't sell any supplements, etc. He is truly in it for the people, which makes the information he shares that much more validating.

If you’re wanting to gain more knowledge about health & the power of whole foods, I highly recommend this book!
You can check it out here or in my Amazon Store.
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