Wednesday, 9.2.20

"Whatever you do, pour yourself into it."

This was printed on a huge truck exactly 10 years ago yesterday as I parked & nervously walked over to Oak City Grille to meet (what I didn't know would be my future husband & life partner) Mark for the very first time.

When this image of the actual truck it was on greeted me this morning, I couldn't help but think about what a great reminder this quote is even to this day. Life is constantly rotating & it can be so easy to get lost in it's shuffle, right? But if you slow down & think about pouring yourself into the stuff that REALLY matters, that can make all the difference in the world.

Marriage & relationships of any sort in general take a WHOLE lot of work, don't they?

They are worth it & so are you. Invest in what makes your heart soar today & every day.

Mark, I promise to continue to keep pouring myself into you, our kids & our beautiful God-given life... especially on the messy days. Thanks for always showing up for us, especially that one night 10 years ago.
#100daysoflivingAWAKE days 48 & 49.

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