Thursday, 5.14.20

This has been on my mind lately. We can't control A LOT of things, actually pretty much everything -- BUT we can control our thoughts. For me personally, when I turn to the word, I feel an indescribable peace & CALM. It's truly a daily, hourly, minute by minute practice.

When I turn to Him,
I feel comfort instead of worry,
encouragement instead of discouragement,
reassurance instead of fear.

No matter what you believe in, leaning into that right now is more important than ever. Turn off the news & tune IN to _________ ( fill in the blank with whatever brings you peace & calm ). If you don't know what that is, start small. Call up a friend who you know will lift you up & fill you with truths. Start a new devotional or inspirational filled book. Begin your day with jotting down what you are grateful for before you even get out of bed, then leave that out so that you see it as a healthy reminder all day long.

Find that calm in the chaos... it's there, friends, just waiting for you to rest in it.

All my love,


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