wednesday whimsy : crushed

  Wednesday, 2.26.14

when we were at church recently,
Danny Cox,
one of our pastors & the campus music director,
spoke of Henri Nouwen's quote :

"When we are crushed like grapes,
we cannot think of the wine we will become of that. "

seriously, how powerful & thought-provoking is that quote?!
there have been so many times in my life that i have literally felt crushed --
emotionally, mentally, verbally, physically.

and yes, i have definitely learned from those times -- the saying 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger' rings true.

however, i think deep down inside we all know that we learn from our hard experiences,
...but when you are actually in it,
sometimes that 'LIGHT' & that 'HOPE' feels so distant, almost as if we will never get there.
sometimes you just feel like you are sinking
& you can't help but feel stuck, literally crushed.

if this is you right now, yesterday or in the future,
i'm not here tell you
'things WILL get better'.
i know you know this --
somewhere inside you, hidden in an itty bitty crevice,
you, & that beautiful heart of yours, KNOWS this to be true.

however, i AM going to remind you that what you are going through is part of the 'process'.
the 'process' called LIFE.
in order for you to grow & shine & be who you are meant to be,,,
for your 'wine' to be created,
sometimes you just have to be like a grape & have whatever 'it' is squeezed out of you.

i don't know about you, but this quote came at a good time for me. with it being the New Year, we all long for a year filled with
GOODNESS, happiness, JOY, love, success,PEACE,,, you know the list.

...and this quote reminds me that,
even when we think things may not be going our way,
we just have to put our
in the process,

because something beautiful sure is brewing underneath the crush of it all.

wishing you a happy, wine-producing, wednesday whimsy!


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