wednesday's whimsy : arizona

  Wednesday, 8.28.13

happy wednesday whimsy!

as i mentioned in last week's post, i am cleansing in a lot of ways & one of them is to actually share more personal work that has been sitting in my hard drives for far too long.

last year, January 2012, Mark & i were finally able to get out to Arizona to visit some of our dearest friends. while there, we also got to enjoy the 1st birthday of the youngest daughter, Emme, of one of my best friends, Alexa.
yes, this was last January… & yes, Emme is already 2 & I am just now getting to these images. i suppose that’s what happens when you are a photographer & take personal pics... and i guess planning a wedding in between that probably had something to do with it!!

but these were too cute not to share. along with sweet Emme, you may remember her siblings, Preston & Teagan from other posts in this blog! i am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing nephews & nieces... i only wish they lived closer so i could hug & kiss them tight more often!

Lex & Steve, you two sure make some MAJORLY cute kids!!! i miss & love you guys so much... there aren't enough words to describe it. i hope these images make you laugh & smile & remind you of how much L O V E there is in your beautiful home. give Preston, Teagan & Emme the BIGGEST smooches from their Aunt Ksen & Uncle Mark! love always, ksen

i am SO thankful we were able to celebrate sweet Emme's 1st birthday

who really liked her pudding!!!

...and birthday cake, too!

beautyFULL big sister miss Teagan

& handsome big brother Preston... where does the time fly? seriously!

i think Emme's party was a hit

pretty girl Teagan getting her hair done!

& cuddly Emme swallowed in kisses from Mommy & Daddy

Preston being Prestion

the kiddos with their grandparents!
words cannot properly describe HOW MUCH i love and adore everyone in these photos!

while in Arizona, Mark & i took a brief day trip to Sedona...
being that this was Mark's first trip to Arizona, he had always wanted to visit Sedona.
...and it proved itself worth the visit in every breathtaking way.

happy feet


unfortunately our stay in Arizona was short,
but i couldn't leave without some more pics of these cuties!

and of course their entire fam... starting with Alexa & Steve


we tried to get all 3 kiddos with Steve... i still think it describes this time in their life quite well.

Mom was a little more successful with it!
& Preston had to show me his swift bicycle moves!

Teagan loooooooves to put on her 'make-up'... & Preston looooooves being her silly big brother

last but not least, i'll end on this note (no pun intended).
the only pic Alexa asked me to take pretty much because it's Emme being Emme... & having a ball!
(*note : the toilet was cleaned prior to this happening & doesn't happen without parental supervision! )

to view the slideshow & see many more photographs from our visit in Arizona with our sweet friends!


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